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2020 Impact is a provider of digital marketing, web/graphic design, SEO, SEM and social media. My goal is to create digital marketing success for client's business marketing strategies.

My mission is to assist small businesses with affordable web/graphic design, SEO, SEM and digital marketing tactics that get results.


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 Free SEO Tools That Improve Website Performance by Troy Miller - Website SEO when done correctly should ensure a website complies to evolving industry standards, many of which come from Google and W3C. Screaming Frog and Check My Links are two of my favourite free SEO applications.

 Best Web Metrics for Small to Large Busines by Avinash Kaushik - employ this framework to evaluate the acquisition, behaviour and outcomes of your digital marketing campaigns. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is a key metric for website, social media and eDM performance evaluations.

 Content Marketing Pyramid Framework by Curata, is a system to develop and execute your content marketing strategy. Learn how to create high quality strategic content that meets business goals and how to maximise reusing this content to build enquiry and sales.

 Top 40 CRM Software Report by, the ideal CRM system synchronises your sales and marketing efforts by automating customer communications. This report evaluates the best providers of CRM software in 2016, e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and more.

 WordPress Website Launch Checklist by iThemes, will ensure on launch day everything is completed, from pre-launch to design, functionality, SEO, settings and post-launch.

 Social Media Planning Guide by Simply Measured, see what's new, review what worked and plan tactics for 2016, e.g. video and influencer marketing, increasing conversions with Facebook/Twitter CTA buttons (shop now).

 Digital Media Success Story by Brisbane Marketing, does digital media work in the food industry? BM asked Don Meij CEO from Domino's Pizza Australia, their digital numbers and tactics are impressive and worth following on social media.

 Marketing Automation Guide by Digital Marketing Depot, do you want to automate email marketing, social media and track PPC/SEO? If yes see what the top providers offer, i.e. Adobe, Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo, and learn how to choose a platform.

 The Proven AdWords Strategy by White Shark Media, a comprehensive A-Z guide to managing successful AdWords campaigns for beginners and intermediates.

 Keywords To The Wise Strategies by Google, if you're writing, building or marketing a website, this report will show you how to develop best practices for keywords (search terms), including business goal alignment and finding new opportunities.

• Facebook Marketing Guides by Hubspot, a collection of guides on FB marketing for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Facebook Beginner, Facebook Intermediate, Facebook Advanced.

 More Marketing Resources (archive)



Utilise Troy Miller's extensive advertising, design and marketing experience having managed digital campaigns for ABSOE, Morlife Foods, Bowmaker Realty, Lenard's, Queensland Diesel Spares, First Provincial Building Society, Devine Homes and Domino's. Grow your website traffic with Troy's Internet marketing, SEO, SEM, analytics and social media experience.



Website SEO Audit Specialists


Do you need better Google search listings or want to know if your website was built to best practice industry standards? Ask about our free website search engine optimisaton (SEO) audit to identify your websites's construction standards, links, Google ranking and strategic content for search performance.

Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet with around 80% of search traffic. Our audit will identify your site's construction standards, internal and external links, SEO/SEM factors and provide ideas on what is needed to build Google and Bing (Yahoo and MSN) search results.

Request our Free Website SEO Audit



Brisbane Website Design Specialists


We design and build HTML brochure websites, CMS sites with Wordpress, and eCommerce sites with Bigcommerce and other systems. Start promoting your business online from as little as $495.00 for HTML brochure sites. Our websites include expertise on industry standards, branding, corporate style, market position, strategic content, SEO and social media.

Our websites comply with industry standards and we advise on search engine optimisation (SEO) best practice. We explain how a site is built that complies to standards (W3C + and lists on Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. We provide programming for customised content management systems (CMS) and portfolio databases. We link shopping carts like Woocommerce and Bigcommerce with payment gateways (Paypal) and establish email marketing systems with MailChimp.

A new website is the beginning of the marketing journey for a business, it's like buying a new car. Once you get a car you need to drive it, same for a website. You need to drive traffic to the website by developing content, listing with directories, networking with affiliates and integrating social media. Aim to build 50 content pages (search listings), 20 directory listings, 5 social media platforms and regular email marketing to grow visitor traffic.

See our Website Portfolio or Website Specials



Social Media Marketing Specialists


Do you want to develop social media traffic from the most popular sites in real time? Hitwise a leading Internet research company reports Facebook number 1 in Australia and other popular sites include; Google+, Twitter, You Tube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogger.

• Facebook is great for target marketing and networking with groups of like-minded people. Facebook has personal and business accounts and many people use both. Facebook provides social media traffic to websites and is used to post content, invite Likes and Shares, and engage with people. Facebook is now play-to-play and reaching a total fan base requires sponsorship. We estimate in 2015 post reach is 5-10% of a total fan base if you're not sponsoring posts. Visit profiile

• Google+ is owned by Google to rival Facebook. Google+ has personal and business accounts based on a circle system where people in the circles you join display in your newsfeed. The aim is to be invited into circles, so your posts display in newsfeeds. This is done by liking (called +1), commenting and helping people. We find Google+ great for search listings as Google like to display results from Google+. Visit profile

• Twitter is good for following lifestyle and business interests and promoting your website content (140 characters). Twitter helps to promote information about your business, industry and events to your followers. If you post interesting content people will favourite or re-tweet your post which exposes the content to a new audience. Visit profile

• YouTube is the video content king and owned by Google. YouTube is used by business to set-up YouTube channels, and store/link video content to websites. Video marketing is prioritised by Google so recording business services and products into a business video collection is well worth it. Video links from You Tube also assist SEO by increasing page authority and page one listings. Visit profile

• Linkedin is the business person's networking platform and an easy way to make new business connections. LinkedIn operates on a few different levels and one of the main aspects is to set-up your profile (work history and achievements) online. Connections can then endorse your services and you can email them directly on the platform. Visit profile

• Instagram is a popular image/short-video sharing platform and an easy way to network from smart phones. Popular with people due to it's smart phone focus and lack of advertising content in newsfeeds. Instagram was one of the first social apps to offer photo editing before it was purchased by Facebook. Follow 2020impact with a smart phone or install Google Chrome extension for laptops.

• Pinterest is an image display platform that helps people record and follow their personal and business interests. People create collections (called Boards) of themed interests, e.g. small business marketing or web design, etc. Then post related content to the boards (called Pins). Pinterest has personal and business accounts and some popular categories are; home, arts and crafts, style, fashion and food. Visit profile

• Tumblr is a social microblogging platform that allows users to post text, quotes, images or video content. Tumblr is owned by Yahoo Inc and services are accessed from the user's dashboard interface where newsfeed posts are displayed. Tumblr originates from tumblelogs or short-form-blogs, is predominently a visual media and gaining popularity. Visit profile

• Blogger also called Blogspot, is Google's free blog-publishing platform. The blogs are hosted by Google on and provide an easy way for people to start blogging about their business or lifestyle interests with articles and images. Visit profile

Ask about our Social Media Starter Pack 1, we set up three social media accounts, design a themed cover photo and start your posting. In Pack 2 we build a social traffic funnel, link your site to social media windows and show posts live on your website, e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

For more on Social Media Starter Packs



Website SEO Specialists


You invested in a website but you're not sure it meets industry standards? To succeed on search a site needs search engine optimisation, e.g. the site is built to W3C standards with natural flowing text navigation, HTML architecture, quality content, strategic headings (H1, H2, H3) and meta details (titles, descriptions, keywords), image alt tags, page tags and quality backlinks.

In addition best practice SEO recommends using a HTML sitemap to assist people finding pages and an XML sitemap to inform search engines about pages available for indexing. An XML sitemap is a file that lists all pages along with additional metadata about each page (when last updated and content ranking) for search engines.

Without these elements organic (free) listings on Google are challenging, but with them you have the best possible chance for generating more search listings. Do you want to know if your site meets industry standards or has any issues on Google search network? If yes request our Free Website SEO Audit and we'll review your site against Google's SEO criteria.

If you need assistance with keywords, meta details and sitemaps, see our small business SEO Starter Pack 1 to have these items updated and learn Google's SEO basics.

For more on SEO see Google's SEO Starter Guide or Hitwise's Best Practice SEO Report



Search Engine Marketing Specialists


Content development is a major priority for search engine marketing. Aim to write 50 pages or buy interesting articles from content providers, i.e. 2020 Impact, copywriters and PR consultants. Create content that explains business products or services, the business mission and user experience. Make it easy for people to understand what's unique about a business (competitive advantage), along with special offers for influencing trials.

Our search marketing strategy includes a range of organic (free) and sponsored methods like an effective diversified investment strategy:

• Organic Methods include; search engine submissions, Government listings, industry listings, directory listings, social media (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube) share buttons, likes and posts, YouTube educational videos, article marketing, affiliate marketing, guest posting and backlinks from authority sources.

• Sponsored Methods include; Chamber of Commerce listings, industry and directory sponsorships, online competitions and sampling, social media competitions, Google Adwords advertising (search and display networks), 3rd party email marketing, online banners, digital magazine advertising and backlinks from authority sources.

We use analytical tools for search engine marketing like Google Analytics, e.g. evaluate upstream referral sources (paid/organic/direct), popular search terms and langing pages. Our SEM service includes sponsored advertising methods for Google listings when organic results are limited:

• Google Analytics highlights the best advertising options and what search terms and referring sources delivered traffic to a website. Google Analytics is a tracking code placed on web pages to record visitor data and statistics. If you're interested in Internet success try our SEO Starter Pack 2. We install Google Analytics, report on web traffic, popular search terms and landing pages to guide marketing decisions.

• Adwords Advertising will assist a new site to get listed on Google (page one) when organic listings are limited. Google is the biggest search engine and potential traffic source for a website. Google Search Network campaigns start from around $500.00 per month with the ability to turn on/off in real time. Google Display Network campaigns are another option by Google that allows an advertiser to promote image ads on selected websites. Both networks work well and they're risk free with no lock-in contracts.

To start Google Adwords advertising and determine which network is best for your business (GSN or GDN) ask us about our Adwords Starter Package.

For more on SEM see our Free Digital Marketing Audit Questionnaire



Keyword Selection Specialists

Keyword Marketing (P1 Analysis) From $396.00*

Find out how to build organic (free) search listings with popular keywords using Google's Keyword Planner and Keyword SEO Pro. Learn how to select popular keywords and determine if a site has the potential to achieve Google page 1. We combine Google Keyword Planner recommendations with Google PageRank analysis software (Keyword SEO Pro) to evaluate keyword listing potential.

Google's Keyword Planner (previously Keyword Tool) provides search term ideas for domains with local monthly search volumes, competitive scores and pay-per-click estimations. This is valuable for determining popular search terms, competitive search terms and guiding search strategy.

Keyword SEO Pro was developed by David A Viniker, a medical doctor who applied research techniques to make software that analyses Google's page 1 top ten (organic) listings x Google's PageRank scores x search terms. The results identify what keywords are potentially achievable for page 1 listings based on a website's PageRank scores.

For more on Google's Keyword Planner or Keyword SEO Pro Software



Email Marketing Experts


Learn how to look professional emailing newsletters, articles and special offers to customers and prospects. There are many email systems available, e.g. MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and other systems. We'll explain the advantages of different systems, e.g. MailChimp free starter account up to 2000 subscribers, while ensuring the Spam Act is followed.

HTML email marketing is a popular way to email information, which is basically sending a web page to a database of subscribers. All you need is a HTML newsletter template, a content management system (CMS) for changing content, and an email engine for distributing the content to a list of subscribers.

Many businesses use MailChimp's email marketing system to distribute HTML newsletters, run competitions and survey questionnaires. We'll show you how to develop subscribers, e.g. feature a sign-up form on your home page, use a website pop-up script or offer educational content that's exchanged for a subscription and invite people directly to join your mailing list.

Ask about our Email Marketing Starter Pack 1, we set up your email system and hand over the controls so you can produce ongoing campaigns.

For more on ACMA Spam Act



Strategic Digital Marketing Specialists

Strategic Digital Marketing Plans from $1,287.00*

Marketing is about creating value offers that attract new customers and increase product/service sales. Digital marketing requires promoting these offers with online tactics and an effective plan. We specialise in strategic digital marketing plans for small businesses with the goal of achieving commercial results. Learn from an expert and benefit from our experience in digital marketing to avoid costly mistakes.

We audit business marketing activity, write strategic digital marketing plans and develop strategies and tactics that meet business goals. We assist small businesses establish the tools and tactics required to market online, e.g. websites, blogs, social media, email marketing, automation and analytics.

Marketing planning is an essential process but often overlooked by small businesses due to lack of funding. If you want to learn best practice digital marketing ask about our Digital Marketing Audit Questionnaire. This guides your knowledge towards effective Internet marketing tactics and planning priorities. Once completed you can start developing digital campaigns based on professional marketing strategy.

For more on Digital Marketing Plans



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Troy is a great asset to QDS and over the past 3 years we have grown a strong relationship. Troy helped take our marketing to the next level with a website upgrade, product and building photography, corporate profile brochure, stationery, marketing flyers and product catalogues. Troy created "Fully Loaded" which is a catalogue that hits our customers with new products and promotions and helps target older stock lines. Troy has given us good advice and idea's on how to get the most exposure for our dollar.

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