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Business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

Our aim is to understand your business goals and objectives before any marketing is created. With this knowledge we can develop the best marketing plan to achieve them.

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Brisbane Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

Overhaul your business marketing tactics and tools with a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan. Are you a small business in need of an effective digital marketing plan that identifies the tactics and tools to develop sales, while answering to business goals? If yes, Troy can assist with many years experience in marketing planning for Local, State and National promotions.

The digital marketing age has arrived and effective marketing plans need to incorporate both traditional and digital tactics to ensure viabilitiy for small business. The good news is the costs for digital marketing tools i.e. websites, blogs, email systems, social media and online diretories are affordable for small budgets.

In addition traditional marketing tools are still essential in the digital age, for example; logos, stationery, business cards, brochures and signs, will always have a place in modern marketing. What I do is find the right balance for your business between traditional and digital marketing with my Digital Marketing Audit Questionnaire and Strategic Digital Marketing Plan.


To start request a Free Digital Marketing Audit Questionnaire and receive information to audit current business and marketing activity. This information is used as the base for my Strategic Digital Marketing Plan.

If you need professional marketing assistance request my Strategic Digital Marketing Plan. Use the Contact form to request marketing planning assistance and I will fix your business marketing.


Troy develops Strategic Digital Marketing Plans with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Advertising, and many years practical experience.


Strategic Digital Marketing Plan $1,170.00 + GST = $1,287.00 (SAVE $693.00)

1.0 Business Goals and Objectives + Mission/Vision Statement

Business goals and objectives

Business products/services

Mission/vision statement


2.0 Background + Market Review + SWOT Analysis

Background problem (preventing success)

Marketing history and activities

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


3.0 Customer & Industry Analysis (Target Markets)

Products/services and target markets

Target market priority

Geographic locations


4.0 Marketing Strategies & Objectives (Traditional + Online)

Strategies required to achieve the business mission

Objectives and tactics required to achieve the strategies


5.0 Website SEO Audit (Organic Performance Secrets)

Positives, negatives and organic enhancers

Site ranking results and examples

Website standards + meta detail review

Website tracking with Google Analytics

Back-linking analysis (Google, Bing, Yahoo & MSN)


6.0 Search Engine & Internet Directory Secrets

Highest traffic search engines

Highest ranking strategic Internet directories

Google search results


7.0 Email Marketing Systems and Tactics

Email marketing systems explained

Email marketing tactics


8.0 Social Media Systems and Tactics

Highest traffic social media sites

Social media systems explained

Social media tactics


9.0 Marketing Materials & Offers

Marketing materials and tactics to achieve business objectives

Marketing offers required to achieve business objectives


10.0 Appendices

12 month Recommended Budget Calendar

Customer Data Samples Analysis

Google Keyword Planner Report (monthly searches)


*Terms and conditions apply, based on 20 hrs x $58.50/hr (marketing intro rate, save 35%), 2hrs per category with marketing budget cost estimations. If actual tendered/quoted costs and media plan information is required, will quote on application. See terms and conditions.





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